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The MET-TRACK® rigid rail fall protection system is the most reliable rigid rail system currently available. The main components of the system are its enclosed cold rolled profile and the anchor trolley which provides a secure connection enabling the user to traverse safely along the system’s length.

MET-TRACK® is not only safe but is an extremely durable and low maintenance system. Manufactured from only the highest quality materials, the self-cleaning profile prevents dust and debris build-up whereas the swivel eye trolley has sealed bearing wheels resulting in years of maintenance-free use.

The versatility of MET-TRACK®, due to its modular design, means that each system can be designed in unlimited lengths and makes it easy to add sections in order to extend existing systems should the need arise. Systems can be mounted to existing structures or suspended from application specific floor mounted supports.

Curved tracks can be supplied for plain track monorails allowing systems to follow a specific path without a break in the system. Single and multi-user systems are available including user bypass capability.

Designed to meet with or exceed applicable standards including:
USA – Complies with OSHA & ANSI Standards for Engineered Systems | CANADA – Canadian Standard CSA Z259.2. 



MET-TRACK® offers many advantages over traditional wire based systems. Rigid track systems require less fall clearance, reduce the risk of secondary fall injuries, are safer for multi-user systems and allow for longer systems between supports.

Despite the amount of tension imposed there will always be a certain amount of sag in a wire rope suspended between supports. The presence of this initial sag and the amount of deflection in the wire rope under fall conditions means that a greater fall clearance to that of a rigid rail system must be accounted for when specifying a fall arrest system.

The MET-TRACK® rigid rail fall arrest system will stop the fall in a shorter distance therefore requiring less fall clearance and making it a far better option for low-headroom applications.

Possible secondary injuries, such as those caused by swinging into obstacles after a fall, are greatly reduced with a rigid track system. When a user falls using a wire rope system, the sag/deflection of the wire will automatically cause the trolley to slide towards the center of its supports in order to center itself, this creates a possible risk of the user colliding with any obstacles present.

Typical Track System

A System Deflection
B Distance PPE requires to arrest

Typical Wire System